Xiaomi CC9 Pro (Mi Note 10) Full Review – Camera, PUBG Test

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 & Note PRO (CC9 Pro) First Look & Hands-On
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Xiaomi has added a lot of new hardware in the CC 9 pro not just that camera there are other aspects that are brand new to the CC 9pro as it’s called in mainland China if you’re outside of China this will be known as the mi note 10 you get 30 watt fast charging in the me note 10 included in the box and you get this jelly case

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 & Note PRO (CC9 Pro) First Look & Hands-On
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I’m a big fan of this white color that Xiaomi does it also comes in green and black even though it has a very big battery it tops 5 thousand milliamp hours it doesn’t feel like a really heavy and thick file there’s no wireless charging but like I said you get that 30 watt fire charging and a massive battery

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So battery life should not be a problem you get a curved screen on the me note 10 it is not very extreme as a curve and it certainly isn’t a waterfall display like we’ve seen in the mate 30 pro I think the curve works in this phone and as you can see in the Picture the bezels top side and bottom are really small if you’re on a white screen there is a little bit of green on the sides but overall I really really like the design I think it’s a mix of the galaxy s10 series maybe the Huawei P30pro but it definitely is a Xiaomi device all around the main selling point of this phone is obviously the camera system plus that 108 megapixel sensor I did find that the way that the camera system is placed on the back there and the ultra wide-angle camera if you’re not careful your finger does get in the way of it not just the 108 megapixel mode you also get a 5 times zoom camera that’s capable of 10 times hybrid zoom and it goes all the way into 50 times zoom

I like the fact that the back camera has optical image stabilization that’s going to help a lot with video you can shoot 4k video on the back camera on the front camera it’s up to 1080p

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 & Note PRO (CC9 Pro) First Look & Hands-On
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there’s no stabilization on that so all of the stabilization you’re seeing on the front camera is going to be from the processor go and check out my Facebook and Instagram for some more sample shots from that main camera unit and checking out the zoom of the mi note 10 or CC 9 pros it’s called in China

Xiaomi CC9 Pro (Mi Note 10) Full Review – Camera, PUBG Test
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you can record video on the ultra wired but when yours zooming in using video you don’t get the same zoom range as you do when you’re taking photos it comes with MIUI11 which is a very good thing I like all the upgrades that they’ve made the curved AMOLED display that they’re using on this one gets very bright the color reproduction is good as you would expect from any AMOLED screen these days it is a 60Hertz refresh rate screen no 90Hertz on this one and I must admit after using 90Hertz screens regularly it does seem a little bit choppy compared to those I assume including the 90Hertz with the curved display would have made the phone too expensive considering all of the expensive camera hardware that they’ve put in here but surely there are not going to be too many phones in the mid or upper ranges that will be keeping 60 Hertz displays next year the fingerprint sensor is new though it

Xiaomi CC9 Pro (Mi Note 10) Full Review - Camera, PUBG Test
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features a much bigger area to scan your fingerprints so you don’t have to be as  accurate as before as long as you place your thumb around about the bottom of the screen it should do okay the mi note 10 is rocking a Snapdragon 730 G processor the most powerful mid-range chip from Snapdragon but you can’t play on high it framerate mode in PUBG I don’t have to tell you that the 730 G processor is plenty powerful enough to play puffy without any problems but honestly again having used 90 Hertz displays regularly recently the 60 Hertz display it did feel a little bit choppy compared to those 90Hertz displays

if you are a serious gamer and you’re buying a phone specifically for gaming I would suggest a Snapdragon 855 plus phone with a 90 Hertz display it really is a great experience however if you’re just a casual gamer and actually you’re looking for the design and all of those camera improvements then this one might be for you this phone has a lot of good attributes it looks great and it’s got so many options with that camera

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